How to live stream on facebook like a pro

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Stream live like a pro

Live Stream on Facebook live a professional

Live streaming on Facebook has many options & is a great way to reach a large audience. This can be your private channel, a way of promoting your business, a product, yourself, your talent and even your future career. In the old days you needed to work for a Television station or pay for airtime and you had to bid against others for the airtime. In today’s world anyone with a camera & a microphone can do this in minutes. You are not just streaming live to the local community but to the world.

Your options on how you stream

As already stated, having a camera even a webcam & a microphone you can go live at your own convenience.  But like all things in life if you want to make a real impact on your audience you are best to make a small investment into more professional equipment such as Finncast Studio. We all have seen people online doing live reviews from their bedroom & with great ability to speak professionally on the topic. But it does have the solo amateur look about it. Using a HD webcam or professional camera with a green screen and putting yourself into a virtual studio makes the whole live stream so professional. With programs live Finncast Studio you can do everything like a professional television station in one complete package. You can switch between various cameras, split screen, have lower thirds, remove green from a green screen & use a virtual set or backdrop, switch in images, charts & even hold live interviews via Skype & so much more. Your audience will be more likely to stay viewing when your live stream is of a high & professional standard.

Finncast Studio

What are the steps to live stream on Facebook?

First, you will need a Facebook account.

1:  Use this link for quick access to the Facebook live page

2: Login to Facebook

3: Click the Create Live Stream button

Create facebook live

4: If you are using a program like Finncast Studio or OBS Studio copy the server URL & persistent stream key as this will be added to your stream software (recommended) if using one. If not click on camera then connect. At first FB will show you a preview page (which is a great idea) so you can see what will be displayed before you go live.

stream live

5: Then at the bottom of the page click the go live button. That’s it, you will now be live streaming on FB. There are other settings you will see on FB for setting who will see your live stream, a group, friends or public (everyone will see). There are also useful settings for selecting microphone, resolution size, turn on/off live commentary.

Go live

The advantages of using a software program to live stream on FB.

Using a program live Finncast Studio will allow you not just to display your camera & be heard via your microphone. You will also be able to play live videos, display images, have real-time live interviews from anywhere in the world from a Skype caller. You can mix them all together in multi screen or switch as you please between them. Needless to say, your live stream will be second to none and on a very professional level. Give your audience quality viewing & they are sure to return.

Streaming live simultaneously to YouTube & Facebook

This question is asked a lot. Can I live stream to multiple places at the same time? Such as YouTube & Facebook. The short quick answer is a big Yes! But not how the question was asked. Let me explain, Stream live from a software program uses CPU (Your computer processor) & GPU (graphics card processor). The aim is always to use as little processing power as possible and have smooth live streaming. Facebook as the time of writing have a maximum resolution setting of HD 1280×720 which, I agree is more than enough for quality viewing. People will view from various devices such computers, Tablets & with a higher percentage, their smart phone. If you are going to live stream to multiple sites such as FB, YouTube, Twitch etc. it makes no sense to use your software program with multiple live streams at the same time hammering your CPU & CPU. This is completely unnecessary as you can simply live stream to YouTube and use embed code, they supply for all the other site like FB. They have made this even more easy to do now with share buttons. Yes, when you live stream on YouTube they have multiple share buttons for the live stream including Facebook. They even have a schedule for the live stream share, where you maybe live on YouTube let’s say 11 pm but may not want to go live until 11:15 pm on Facebook. I have to say YouTube has thought this out very well and keep themselves in the picture so to speak. Why would you live stream to multiple sites/ channels at the same time, for the simple reason, your audience will be much larger & viewers will have their preference where they will view from.

A Final Word

In toady’s world anyone of any age has the opportunity of making a global name for themselves. We are in a time of technology to allow such. You do not need to dream of being a presenter or having your own show or being interviewed to do so. There are no restrictions, all you need is a computer a camera, a microphone, internet, a great live streaming software like Finncast Studio & of course the determination to succeed. I wish you all well in your live broadcasts & hope to see you online.